Sunday, September 2, 2007

Finally Starting to Blog

Today is my first attempt at blogging. Unfortunately, I don't have any photos to post right now, but I thought if I put it out here in writing I would be forced to get myself going. I am working on several things right now.

First, I am playing nurse to my mother who recently had open-heart surgery which resulted in five (5) bypasses. She is recuperating at home and doing quite well. Thank the Lord. This has prompted my entire family (more about them in the uncoming days and weeks) to change its eating habits.

In terms of sewing/crafting, I am working on a planned (make that a "well- planned") fall wardrobe. The color scheme will be grey, black, navy, brown and cream along with some bold accent colors. I am also working on whittling down my UFO pile. Then there's the crochet dress or skirt (depends on how much stamina I have) that I'm working on.

Now that I have put it in writing here, I have to get cracking on cranking out these projects.

Thank you for looking and photos are soon to come.

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