Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Of course today marks the sixth anniversary of a tragedy. I know this is primarily a sewing blog, but I would be remiss if I didn't acknowledge the fact that six years ago life changed for people all over the globe, not just in this country. Though it was the precious lives of nearly 3,000 Americans that were taken that day, I believe people all over the world were greatly impacted by this tragedy. While there is nothing any of us can do to change what happened, there are things that each of us can do to affect what happens next.

We can commit ourselves to loving the people close to us wholeheartedly. We can remember to be grateful for all that we have and not complain about the things we don't have. We can pray. Pray that this nation will turn its heart to God. Pray that those who seek to harm us, will be consumed by the love of the Lord. Pray that God continues to bless America. And let's not just do this on 9/11 but let's remember to do it everyday.

To now talk about sewing might seem a bit trite, but isn't that what we have had to do as a nation? We must go on living and not let the enemy rob us of enjoying the life God has given us.

I think I have found the perfect fabrics for a good part of my fall/winter collection (that's what us designers call it - a "collection"). My plan is primarily going to consist of neutral colors like black, brown, navy, grey and cream/tan with a few splashes of accent colors like red, aubergine (purpley), pumpkin and yellow. Sounds kinda busy doesn't it?
Take a look at what I have pulled from my stash so far. Did I mention that I have a rather extensive stash?

Green Silks and Brocade Navy Wool Suit with Purple Silks and Grey Satin
Classic White Shirt

Red and Yellow/Gold Tans/Creams and Blue Accent


TheDomesticDiva said...

I like what you said how we have to remember each day, not just on 9/11...being a NYer, this was a most sad day as I was surrounded by ongoing memorials all day.

And yes, we must continue with things or else we will fall victim to them once again.

So carry on...get them sewing machine fired up...love your fabric choices, especially the blue and tan combination.

I've found it's best not to plan too far ahead lest I get overwhelmed and produce nothing. Instead I plan no more than 2 days ahead...

ok, now I want to see your stash...LOL

Happy Sewing!

With friendship,

tcusic said...

Thanks for stopping by and for leaving a comment. I am new to blogging and I get so excited about making new efriends.

I can't even imagine what it must have been like in NY yesterday. But I have often heard it said that "NYers are tough" - so I hope you all continue to drawn strength for one another.

I was tempted to take photos of my entire stash which is tucked away in just about every room of my house. But reconsidered in the unlikely event my husband should ever happens upon this blog and finds out how much fabric I really own. He would probably put up posters in all the local fabric shops warning them to not let me enter their doors. And that's just the fabric, let's not talk about my knitting, crocheting, scrapbooking, cardmaking, painting crossstitching and other crafting supplies.

Perhaps I will regularly "feature" select items from my stash.

Thanks again,

Fellow Domesticate - Tracey (BTW I'm sure I just made up that word - domesticate, but I like it.)