Friday, October 3, 2008

Long Time - No.......

I cannot believe it has been over two months since I last posted anything. I know, I know, I say that everytime I am away for over two months. And unfortunately, I don't have much to show today either. I have been extremely busy at work (this is not a complaint by any means, as jobs are being lost everyday).

We suffered a large loss (relatively speaking, of course) a couple weeks ago, when the rains from Hurricane Ike (no Tina jokes here) beat up on NW Indiana. We had about four feet of water in our basement - I was tempted to put the house on the market, and say that it included an indoor swimming pool. LOL. We are in the process of stripping our finished basement down to its studs.

Our area wasn't designated a flood zone so we weren't able to get flood insurance. We lost everything we had down there (furniture, gym, my husband's music studio, water heater, furnace etc.), but STUFF can be replaced. We are just praising the Lord that we survived this disaster. One house in a nearby town, exploded as a result of the flood waters.

I had been planning a fall/winter wardrobe, but was sort of dragging my feet. Well....since all of my fall clothes were stored and "safely" tucked away in my basement I can no longer afford to drag my feet anymore. I need all new clothes, and I have no money to buy fabrics, patterns, etc. This means I am forced to use things from my stash. I have to really get moving because the temperature here is dropping faster than Adrienne Nixon can knock out one of her cute knit dresses. In other words, it's getting cold fast.

This is what I started with: V8505

I am making every single piece at least once. They are simple, quick and easy-to-sew pieces, but with the right fabric, will make a nice fall collection. I hope to finish and post photos real soon.