Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Tweaking the Plan - again!

I think I am making another major change to my fall/winter wardrobe plan. First, let me say that it's a good thing that we tend to have fairly looooong winters here (Chicago), because its going to take months to finish, or perhaps start, my collection.

I still plan to make all the pieces previously mentioned using all of the fabrics shown in my September 11th post. But most of those items will be addressed whenever I can get to them. The main focus of my wardrobe will be the color brown.

I have always liked the color brown, and I am seeing brown used with so many other colors now, especially in home dec. So I will be pairing brown with blue, pink, green, cream, red and gray (Yes, gray. I've seen it together, and it's very fresh. No, really.) So even though I never quite finished either of my first two storyboards, it's off to start a third one.

PLEASE HELP! I want to be sure to include one elegant (somewhat formal) dress in a gorgeous, dark, chocolatety, shimmery brown. Does anyone have any suggestions for pattern(s) and/or fabric(s)?

I am just about done with the crocheted skirt and vest set for my granddaughter. I hope to post photos by this weekend.

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