Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I am finally back. I have been very busy this week. One thing that has cut into my blogging time is the fact that Blogger is now a blocked site at work. I used to be able to check in every morning, make comments during lunch and finish up when I got home. But now I have to wait until I get home in the evening before I can even get onto the site. DRATS AND DOUBLE DRATS.

I am almost finished with Ari's outfit. I have to hem the blouse, block the skirt hem and put buttons on the waistband. I think it looks pretty good.

This is the pattern I used for the top.

I used the same fabric for the top and the skirt lining.

I hope to get some much better pictures when she comes over and tries it on for me.

Now back to my fall collection!


Adrienne said...

Can't wait to see it modeled! Looking cute!

C. Dishmey said...

I don't think it looks good, I think it looks great!

I also won Mimi's PIF challenge so I won't be greedy and sign-up for yours too :-)

Lesalicious said...

Loving how it is turning out it is so coming along great job:)