Sunday, October 7, 2007

Weekend? What Weekend?

Where! Oh where did the weekend go? I saw it coming - it was heading my way Friday, late afternoon. It was carrying with it, high hopes and great possibilities. I looked into its bag of dreams and fantasies and saw myself finishing my purple, silk wrap top. I saw myself sewing my red knit top and skirt that's already been cut. And of course I saw myself beginning at least three new projects.

Here it is Sunday night and I got very little done in terms of sewing, knitting and/or crocheting. It all began to go down hill when my three grandchildren showed up Friday night. I can't resist those cute little faces, so they had to spend the night. Two of them went home late Saturday afternoon and I thought for sure I would get some sewing done with just the one grandchild underfoot. But no, we had to play TMNT (Turtles). That brings me to Sunday, and we have morning and afternoon services at my church on first Sundays.

However, I did make it to JoAnn's to buy four Vogue Patterns and one McCalls Patterns. How many of you know I do not need to buy one more pattern? How many of you also know that patterns buying has little or nothing to do with need, but everything to do with patterns being on sale.

I picked up V2967. This is a Sandra Betzina top that I believe will be very figure flatterning.

I also got V8259 . This is the ultimate Coco Chanel type jacket by Caire Shaeffer. Although, the upper pockets seem to be a little "off" on the pattern cover.

Then I purchased two accessory patterns V8140 and V8440 . I have some beautiful gray leather that would make a beatiful bag.

And finally I picked up M5512 by Hilary Duff. I plan to sew view B along with some leggings.


Anonymous said...

LOL! Sounds like my weekend! I always have GREAT PLANS to sew for hours every weekend, but it never happens. I, too, played TMNT with my son...and Spiderman, Harry Potter and Transformers!

I was able to stitch out a few embroideries, but most didn't come out that back to the drawing board!

With friendship,

Adrienne said...

You had a good weekend! I LOVE M5512! I plan on making one too! Hope you have a good day!