Sunday, December 16, 2007

I'm Working Too

Sounds like everyone is busy with holiday crafting. I hope you all are getting everything done. I managed to work on and nearly complete a couple of things this weekend.

First up, is my jersey knit dress. I got the fabric from JoAnn's for less then $2 per yard. It's not the prettiest fabric I've ever seen, but it was cheap and that makes it look much better to me.

I brought a bubble coat for my granddaughter. I wanted a nice dark color (for obvious reasons). But then I thought it looked to boyish - not girlie enough.

So I did a little embroidery on it to girlify it a little bit. I did her four initials = yes, she has four names.

I digitized the "A" to look like a shooting star. I think it will look even better once I finish her brown and white fleece animal print hat and scarf with pink piping.

Add....I have been working on this adorable Debbie Bliss baby dress.

I decided not to do pink or any other traditional baby color. I figured she would have enough of those colors.

This yarn (Baby Bamboo) feel soooo good. I will also make a puff sleeve blouse and some booties.

Up next, is a gorgeous wrap dress [for me] made from a hand painted knit in burnt orange. Stay tuned.


Adrienne said...

Awwww, what a cute, cute,cute little dress!!! I love that simplicity pattern!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you've been quite busy! Great stuff!!! I especially love the color of the baby dress--can't wait to see how it turns out!

Happy Holidays!

With friendship,

Tany said...

You have been busy!!! I LOVE the baby dress!

Isabelle said...

How funny, I am about to finish this Simplicity dress, too! Yours looks lovely.
The baby dress is adorable.

Faye Lewis said...

What a wonderful idea for embelishing your baby's new coat. I always wanted to do special things like that but never got around to it. Great Job!

Sheila said...

I purchased a pattern similar to Threads, and just need to find the fabric. That was such a cool idea to embroider your loved one's coat - she will get a huge kick out of it. Can I say the baby dress is just too adorable.

The Mahogany Stylist said...

Nice dress and I love, love that animal print. The little lady is going to be a heartbreaker; she is adorable.

Deborah said...

Great floral dress, and I love the sweet little gray knit dress you are working on, great color!

Meggy said...

I just bought that Threads pattern, yours is great!